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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who sponsors the chorus? 

The Troy Community Chorus is non-profit 501 (c)(3) and is 100% funded through fundraising, donations, member dues and program sponsors.


2. What kind of music do you sing? 

Anything and everything – European classical art music, Broadway melodies, contemporary, folk traditions from the U.S. and beyond. Our past concert programs can be found here, and you can view some of our performances on youtube  here.


3. What kind of musical experience do I need to have? 

We're a chorus where you can come develop your skills and enjoy the experience. Usually, new members have at least some choral singing background (it may have been a while) and know at least the basics of reading music. If you have a passion for singing and commitment to making the best music that you can, we would love to have you join us. 


4. Do I have to audition?

Nope, we accept all voices! If you aren’t sure of your vocal range, our director can listen to your voice and place you accordingly. Music reading skills or choral experience is a plus, but not a requirement – especially if you have a "good ear" for music.


5. The last time I sang was in my high school chorus. Is that OK? 



6. Am I too young or too old? 

No, the chorus is open to adults of any age. The chorus has an even mixture of ages, from college-aged on up. 


7. When are rehearsals? 

Rehearsals are held every Tuesday, 7:30-9:30 pm in the Chorus room at Troy Athens High School located at 4333 John R. Rd., Troy, MI 48085. We sing for two seasons each year: Fall (Sept-Dec) and Spring (Jan- May). Click here for directions.


8. Does it cost anything to be in the chorus? 

Each chorus member pays $35 or $60 per couple for each season to pay for music, the services of our musical director and accompanist, and instrumentalists who join us for the performances. Cash, checks and money orders are accepted (sorry,no credit cards). 


9. When are the performances? 

We perform at least one formal concert each season, once in May and the other in December. The chorus is also pleased to contribute to the Troy community by providing additional performances when available such as Troy Daze, tree lighting events, and visits to nursing homes, elderly housing, and home-bound members of the community.


10. What is concert attire?

In order to look our best on the stage, we do have a concert dress code. Women are asked to wear a white long-sleeved collared blouse, black floor length skirt or palazzo pants, black stockings, and black closed-toe shoes. Scarves will be provided for women to wear. Men need to wear long-sleeved white button down shirts, a black suit, black socks, black shoes and a black bow tie (found at any tuxedo/formal wear shop). Red bow ties may be worn for the holiday concert and must also be purchased.


11. Is there opportunities for solos and ensembles?

Yes! We welcome our members to share their voices in solos and ensembles. Occasionally there are solo opportunities within the pieces we sing. Our musical director holds auditions for these parts. We also give auditions for smaller chamber-style groups that sometimes sing during the main concert. Sometimes soloists and the smaller groups rehearse at 7pm on Tuesdays prior to the chorus rehearsal.


12. Who is the director? 

A biography of our director, Jonathan Lowrie can be found here on the bio’s page.


13. Is it fun being in the Troy Community Chorus? 

We think so, but come and find out for yourself!


14. How do I join? 

Attend a rehearsal during the first two weeks of each season to sign up. Visit the table outside of the choir room to fill out a membership card, pay your dues and receive your music folder.


For more information about the chorus and how to join, contact our Membership Chairperson, Dale Christiansen at

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